Can someone suggest the steps to select and change color ?

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Re: Can someone suggest the steps to select and change color ?

Try this:

1. Add a blank layer, put it in Multiply mode, add a black hide all mask.
2. Sample a light red color from nearby the white area.
3. Fill the multiply mode blank layer with this color.
4. With a small round brush, paint white on the mask over the image's white area to reveal the color.
5. Adjust the opacity of the color layer, or even re-fill with a different sample to get a best match to the surround.

The mask painting can be quick and sloppy. You can paint over the hair, it will still look OK.

Unfortunately, there is a dark line on the right side of the white area, and it will show through. But it's easy to clone that out after that fact.

Trying to add color to a white area is difficult. Hue/Sat, Selective Color, Curves usually give poor results on white. Using a multiply mode color fill layer works well, and retains all the texture in the original.

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