Rainy day Scrub Jay (FZ150)

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Re: Rainy day Scrub Jay (FZ150)

Hello Yuki - Gotta tell you that I really enjoy your posts. We have a lot in common with the critters around us. Your shots of the Bushtits are very good. They are very fast. Too fast for me. We have a group travel through our hibiscus plants on the side of our house, morning and afternoon, on their way to our bird feeder. Our cats rush from window to window to watch them. I put seed out twice a day and, if they're in the bushes, they become real quiet while I am filling the feeder, then everyone comes out when I leave. Bushtits, finches and the doves on the ground picking up what is thrown from the feeder.

Anyway, we have a few squirrels as well and I give them peanuts or sunflowers seed. Well, there was this pair of Scrub Jays that would take off with the peanuts. I hadn't seen them for months (almost a year) and hoped that they were fine and had just moved on. Well this afternoon, during "the routine" I hear a jay squawking at me and there he is in the bird feeder tree. Another in the bushes. Had to be them because they came right up to the patio where I would keep them busy with peanuts. So, the jays are back.

Anyway (long story, I know), I come in and see your Scrub Jay posting. Very sad but a strong possibility about your baby hummingbirds. (Nature - a Love/Hate at times). Hope it's alright that I post these to photos. They were actually taken New Years Eve of 2011 with my FZ35. Now I will see if I can get some photos of them  a year later (tomorrow).

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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