Are 5D mark iii raw files comparable to the 6D?

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Re: Are 5D mark iii raw files comparable to the 6D?

aeroharv wrote:

Not trying to trivialize the great 5D3, but it's an honest question. My first post, go easy on me

Cost aside, I'm trying to understand how the raw files from the camera compare. I really enjoy night and astrophotography, and I've been trying to understand how these camera's compare in that regard. I've read as many reviews and posts as I can find- I understand the feature differences (e.g. autofocus, # of card slots, FPS, +/- GPS, etc).

you should be fine with either - because you'll be taking bias and dark frames when you are stacking anyways for astro work.

I would be more inclined to use a 6D however simply because it still supports tethering and is lighter. it's all about your payload sitting on your telescope mount - so the more you can save there the better.

also i'm sure you've thought of this, but putting it in a cooler is also a good idea.

this is a bit ghetto .. but doing something akin to this:

will improve any DSLR dramatically.

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