Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

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Re: Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

x-vision wrote:

Jason Rickerby wrote:

On the surface, the simplification of the interface (right-hand only operation, smaller number of buttons) is designed to be more consumer-friendly.

In reality, Canon is trying to discourage pros from buying the 6D.

You, my friend, are supposed to spend more for the 5DIII.
The 6D is specifically designed to inconvenience you.

what a weird way to look at it.

the 6D sits in the middle with the 60D as a bridge gap between rebel ergos and 7D/5D ergos.

it takes some aspects from the 7D/5D (buttons across the top, top LCD panel, right control wheel) and keeps some of the familar ergos of the rebel lineup - but less complexity than the 5/7D series cameras.

if I was canon .. I'd want a bridge camera to be more suitable to the rebel series which is probably around 80% of canon's bodies and has an incredible base of cameras versus the few people like you that take everything negatively.

it actually wouldn't make much sense with the 60D already in place to have the 6D with anything BUT 60D ergonomics.

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