Need some product lighting help...

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Re: Need some product lighting help...

Darrell Spreen wrote:I think your experience regarding the knife is a good example of what makes this type of work so exacting. I see so many recommendations to buy this brand or that brand of strobe, but that's nearly irrelevant (IMHO). You have to tackle the unique problems of closeup work and I've found it to be an enjoyable challenge. What works for one setup may be wrong for another. As I've said, I prefer to work with small lights (flash) for closeup work and try to fine tune things.

I like your idea of putting the Italian pieces in context -- however, I think maybe a lower angle might show them off better among the other items. They make a very attractive set.


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I think you are right on the angle. In my case, the angle was dictated by the size of my table and the piece of burlap material I had to set up the pieces on. If I shot at a lower angle I would have had to set up a separate background, which in hindsight would probably have been a better idea so I could get a lower angle shot.

I think it has already been mentioned, but I highly recommend shoo tethered when doing food photography. It is hard to see little details on the screen on the back of the camera. I shoot tethered to a netbook which I have connected to a large monitor.

I agree with you on the type of equipment for this type of work. A bunch of small pieces of white and black foam core board works wonders for blocking and reflecting light.

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