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Jim 123
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Re: I've seen this type of banding before -- caused by a lens

cyrano wrote:

Sorry for responding so late to this thread, but I just came across it.

In 2009, I saw banding in a very similar pattern in high-ISO images from my 5D mark II. It occurred intermittently: one image would show the banding, and another image taken seconds later did not show the banding.

It took some amount of interaction with Canon Factory Service to reach consensus that this banding was not a normal attribute of high-ISO images from the 5D mark II.

After lots of experimentation, we were able to reproduce the problem on two different bodies, one of which was a loaner from CFS. The banding was caused by electrical noise from my 24-70 f/2.8 L lens. The problem was resolved by replacing the AF motor and associated electronics in the lens.


My 1dx was exchanged after a pro tested it and found excessive "pattern noise" even at iso 2000.

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