What kind of lenses you have with NEX?

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Re: Wow, people have some amazing stuff!

sonyman12 wrote:

halbraun wrote:

And lots of money I have the new 35mm 1.8 on my 7 which is my "I'm going to get on a plane and have room for one lens in my computer bag, do everything" lens. Sharp, fast, good color and a good focal length for me on the 7.

Then I have my stealth street fighter lenses. Old Nikon 50mm and 85mm 1.8's on an adapter. The 85 looks like it got drug behind a car for a few miles, the coating is starting to get thin, and people don't even "see" it when you are walking around, but it is still razor sharp great color as good as the 50.

I had the LAEA2 adapter for my alpha lenses, and while it worked as advertised, it kind of defeated the point of the nex portability, so I sold it and now I just grab the A77 when I need those lenses...

Why Nikon lenses in Sony?

hmm. Because they were relatively inexpensive and better than any older manually focused lenses I could afford. With the NEX and manual lenses you are freed from the shackles of "brand" and can choose any lens you can afford and that they make an adapter for. Both the 50 and the 85 1.8's are fast, small, solidly built, have beautiful contrast and color and are sharp as a razor. I do have the 35 1.8 to take advantage of OSS and AF?. I also have a Sigma 19 mm for the same, but neither have the contrast or color like the Nikons.

One day, I may even be able to pony up for a Leica or Zeiss or a Voigtlander to play with on a camera I know like the back off my hand! Viva le choices!

and PS. I did not have any Nikon lenses before. I was going to use the adapters with my Alpha mount, but it made the whole package too big, defeating the purpose of getting the NEX in the first place. I picked the used Nikons based on reports here and elsewhere, but do look forward to trying other cool lenses too!

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