X100: What is going on here?

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Re: X100: What is going on here?

rattymouse wrote:

rmrcu wrote:

Here's a thought: since you focused on the buildings , the camera thought this was a case of a back-lit subject and over-exposed the background (I think this is what usually happens for back lit subjects).

I focused on where the building ends and the sky begins. The AF point was half filled with building, half with sky.

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The answer is really simple in my mind, the metering didn't work the way you thought is should or would. So it metered the scene lighter than you thought it would. SLRs are programed for a variety of situations, however, they can't read minds Or defy their own averaging laws. If the sky is lighter than expected then the camera metered for a darker scene. If its darker than expected then it exposed to save the highlights. Given you said you put it right in between light and dark what do you think it did?

The previous poster called it right when he said you have to go with a manual exposure to get this kinds of shots right. Sometimes a graduated ND filter helps level the scene out nicer as well allowing you to expose a little longer to pull shadow detail while dimming down the sky.

Also, when you shoot something like this you want to bracket the exposure as well so you have some different metering samples to choose from or even combined if needed.

My guess though is you wouldn't have liked any of the samples and that's why ND filters or HDR is useful.

Thanks for posting these though, they are helpful for the few like me that are sitting in the bleachers right now. I am also considering the Panasonic GH3 since they in theory that've implemented a technology I proposed about three years ago here on this Forum for in camera HDR (Fuji S6) and reading the sensor multiple times during and exposure. I am surprised Fuji didn't beat them to it first being as they are keen on high DR.

I might still go the Fuji route as I had a GH2 last year and it was cool but not enough for me to end up selling it and all the lenses I had.

Fuji for me has always had the colors that appeal to me if you are willing to post process. They have never been the same though since the S3 which for color has to be my all time favorite.

Best of luck!

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