Help needed w/ basic LR catalog Question.

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Re: This is my current structure as seen in Explorer

urichardplondon wrote:

That sounds like a lot of typing to me!

Lightroom can already filter images by camera. It can also filter images by file type. So perhaps you don't need to reflect these things manually in your folder arrangement? IOW, you could use the folder name to describe the event (which is not already apparent from the image properties).

Then you can set up filter presets to easily select from a given event, all the RX1 JPG images (or whatever).

However if there is some kind of standard processing that you want RX1 JPG images to get as distinct from other images, you can customise the processing default so that LR does this nondestructively for you on import - with no action on your part.

Hi Richard -

Yes; I probably put more into it than LR needs but it allowed me to stay organized over the years.

I guess it is like a lot of things; you just have to jump in and play with it a bit.

The program has so many options and possibilities that it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Silly for me to continue using LR the way I have been and this is the year to dig in and utilize it to its full potential..

Thanks again for everything.  I've bookmarked our conversation and will review it before I push the button.

A happy and healthy New Years to you and yours-


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