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sean lancaster
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Re: But you will reorder? Curious.

WCguy wrote:

Sean this is a quote from a photo site I read once and a while saying it is common to have the circles look odd shaped depending on the aperture setting on many lenses. WC

"The other way to change the shape of your bokeh balls is to experiment with different apertures. You’ll find that in most cases the larger your aperture the rounder the ball – but go for a slightly smaller aperture you may find your bokeh becomes more hexagonal (or Heptagonal or Octagonal… the number of sides will depend upon how many blades your lens has)."

Yes, that's quite true. Some of my lenses have that effect. I don't mind heptagonal or octagonal or whatever as long as it's symmetrical. I just don't want the bokeh balls to be clearly asymmetrical, especially in the center.

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