Good situation -new D800 but just got a wide angle DX lens

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Good situation -new D800 but just got a wide angle DX lens


Long time lurker but I've never posted much.  I have a good situation, nth at I need some advice on.

I have a D300 that I love. Im not a pro, but love photographing nature, family and friends.  As a Christmas present to me, I bought a Tokina 11-16 2.8 DX lens at Adorama in NYC, figuring that I wouldn't get a new body for a few years.

Well to my surprise, I got a D800 as a Christmas present!  I did not expect that, though I've wanted an FX body since the D700 came out.

Though I've had two DX bodies, I've never really bought DX lenses. I mainly use the 24-70 2.8, and also have the 24-120, a 50mm 1.4, and the 70-300.  The DX lens I own is the fisheye, which is a perspective I love.

But the Tokina is a DX lens.  I wanted a really wide lens that didn't distort, as much as I like fisheye, for more perspectives.

Now, I don't mind spending good money on lenses, but the Nikon 14-24 is a real beast, as is the 16-35. I was reading about zeiss lenses, and while not as well reviewed as some others, the 18mm f/3.5 would be a good compromise of length, quality and size.

However, doing some reading and testing, the Tokina is good on fx at 16mm.

So am I crazy to be considering the Tokina over the Zeiss or a comparable Nikon?  Sure, it will vignette at any lower focal length, but it would still give me a 16mm 2.8 lens that at least reviewed decently on DX.

The Zeiss 18mm is about as much dollar-wise as I'd want to spend for a wide ankle lens that I won't get a huge amount of use from compared to my 24-70. Even if not as great as the 21, it's still a high quality optical piece.

But I've neither seen a real review on the Tokina DX at 16mm on FX nor have I seen a ton on the zeiss 18mm on the d800.

So I anticipate that much of this will be speculation, but I'd love guidance and advice. The d800 was a late gift, so I've not done a ton of pixel peeping on the Tokina at 16mm, but having shot it on my d300 for a few days, it did seem a bit soft - though that may well have  been user error as I was shooting a lot in low light.

So, with all that -recommendations?  Should I return/exchange the Tokina for the Zeiss, or stick with the Tokina at  16mm?

thanks very much!

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