Canon Sells More DSLRs Than Anyone Else in 2012

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Re: Japan

RedFox88 wrote:

pixeldegree wrote:

Interchangeable Lens Camera Marketshare for 2012 (Japan)

That is Japan. 10% of the SLR market.

Interesting. The country where every single current era DSLR originates/ is manufactured in has 10% worldwide share, even though it is the worlds 3rd largest economy.

So how much market share do you Americans think you have?

With your keen economic intellect, would you be so kind as to illustrate to us the market share of worldwide SLR markets by marketing regions. i.e. East Asia, South East Asia, South and Middle East Asia, Western and Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, North Americas, South Americas oh and Oceania, can't forget about them Aussies and Polynesians.

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