nonCanon flash and Live View (T2i)

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Re: nonCanon flash and Live View (T2i)

WilbaW wrote:

I don't know the technical reason why it doesn't work, but it is a well known limitation (see Why won't my flash fire in Live View? in the unofficial Rebel Talk FAQ).

The only solutions I know are to get a body that can do it with any flash, or get a flash that can do it with any body. If I were you, I'd be shopping for an E-TTL bounce and swivel flash - yes, like the YN-568, but I don't know if that particular one will work. If you find out please let me know and I'll add that to the FAQ.

Thanks Wilba... sigh... seems like a crazy limitation.  I love this flash and will not replace it for a long time.  I am planning to get a yn-568 but I will continue using the sunpak as a background light.  Guess I'll have to forgo Liveview when using it.

Your response did prompt me to again review your Rebel FAQ... I said it before... it is a wonderful wealth of information... amazingly complete.  Thanks again for developing it.

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