Canon 5D Mark III Review & Wedding Setup

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Re: your WB is terrible

Bravo, Encore!  I have been looking forward to this highly anticipated reply from you..  I think my effort to do my first review is to share some of the little things that I have learned in my very young career as a photographer.  I think that sharing information and reading other's comments is part of the learning process; at least that is the reason I am no here.  Maybe your reason for being in these forums is different?  Perhaps to pounce on newbies?  Either way, I know that my agenda is sound...  I respect everyone's work and would never speak negatively about anyone or their work.

The important thing to note is that I did not ask for your opinion on my white balance.  I would have certainly been open and loving to hear how to rectify it or post "process properly" as you put it, but that is not what you wanted to do.  I did not ask you to review my work.  If I wanted it, I would have asked for it.  I don't need your opinion to know that some of it sucks... I already  In closing, I have enjoyed locking horns with you and look forward to more love from NY.  One more thing, you can refer to me as Mr. MA (My home state) and remember, there is always next year for you and your New York Giants!  Go Pats!!



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