Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

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Re: Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

ebrandon wrote:

I generally make it a policy not to respond to trollish posts like that of the OP.

But I will chime in to this thread so as not do discourage potential readers from the 6D. I, personally, had given up on the Canon 5D/II/III line of cameras and the #1 reason was that dual-mode buttons drive me crazy.

The 6D is the first small FF DSLR by any manufacturer with a clean simple UI where each button is dedicated to just one function. This makes it quick and fun to use under any circumstances, but it's especially appreciated when you can't see the buttons (e.g., your eye on the VF, using a hoodman, in the dark, etc.)

Also the zoom button is super-useful, as it can be set to zoom into the selected focus point with just one button push. Instant focus check! Fast and easy.

I can appreciate that you prefer the one-button-per-function interface. However calling my post "trollish" because I've been successfully using Canon's dual-mode buttons for over 8 years and don't appreciate having to take a step-backward button-function-wise to upgrade to Full Frame, seems a bit uncalled for. For $2,000 I think it's reasonable to have at least equivalent or improved functionality over my existing mid-range Canon dSLR.

With regard to the purpose of my post - I have spent a small amount of time with the 6D and acme across several omissions of serious concern to me. A couple of the responses posted have educated me on work-a rounds or clarified how a function can be used to better effect. Now my outlook of the 6D has gone from severe irritation to some annoyance that I can live with. Is this type of dialog not one of the purposes of this forum? (Rhetorical question. Wouldn't want to appear to be "trolling".)

Now - have a 40D picture:

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