7d or wait?

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Re: 7d or wait?

Etherguy wrote:

The wife picked me up a 7d for christmas (guess I have been a good elf). Trying to decide if I should keep it or see whats coming in Feb. I am currently shooting with a 30d and have some decent glass.

Are there any major shortcomings of the 7d? I remember reading of focus issues a year or so ago but not sure if they were fixed in firmware.

So any suggestions or recommendations?

If there's a successor (and I feel there's a good chance) in 2013, the first chance of an announcement will be in February.  However, by that time you'll most likely be past the time you can return it for a full refund.  Unfortunately for you, the people that really know for sure are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

Either way, the 7D is still a teriffic camera and will be no less so if there is a replacement.  You need to ask yourself if the 7D specs & features are good enough for you, or is there something more you need from a camera body?


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