Man, was I wrong.

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Re: I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

Wheatfield wrote:

lylejk wrote:

...I agree with you on this one Wheaty. I do what I can not to buy Chinese either, but it's nearly impossible. Sad that we offshored so many jobs there and other places since NAFTA/GATT was passed.

I doubt if NAFTA or GATT had much to do with Chinese offshoring, as it is a North American Free Trade Agreement, and a General Agreement on Trade Tariffs and all it was designed to do was to remove tariffs on goods moving between out countries sans tariffs. Note that it does not apply to Chinese made goods, which still have duties applied to them.

IIRC, it was Nixon and Sam Walton that really got the ball rolling with the Chinese. Nixon normalized relations, Sam got manufacturing going there to supply his stores with cheaply made goods, and it snowballed from there.

I think what annoys me the most about the Chinese goods invasion is that I have to mail order garlic from the interior of BC. There is not one place in the city of 200K where I live that sells Canadian or US grown garlic. It's all imported from China, and I really don't trust Chinese food products.

All very true Wheat and there is no going back so we need to do what we do best, which is,,, well we can,,,, ummmmm,,, perhaps,,, well I can at least get garlic on the island here from local producers, goooooood stuff too.

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