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Re: DXO worth it?

jimoyer wrote:

I'm curious.....I'm not familiar with such things......are the price variances due to exchange rates,between the two currencies (Swiss and US), where the other examples are due to the exchange rate between France and US then from France and Swiss......or is it something that DXO is specifically doing where they are intentionally charging you more? I apologize if my question is a bit pedestrian, I just don't know.

Most corporations do that : Niksoftwares, Adobe, etc, you name it. They charge us more. It isn't only software, it is also the same for hardware, cameras, computers, iPads, smartphones.. most things. Some companies are fairer than others, but we usually have to pay more.

Some difference is normal, because corporations have to provision for variations in money changing rates,  but when we are reaching 20-30% difference, then no it is no more fair; it is not only provisioning for change variations.

Things have become much more evident, because since one year or so, the Swiss franc has been very strong. We are importing most goods from EU and while one Euro used to be about 1.5 CHF, is is now down to 1.2 CHF and sticks there. But the difference for sure doesn't go in the pocket of the final consumers.

Most corporations are segmenting the market and asks more from some consumers than others.

Here, we pay more direct taxes, but less indirect taxes. Our VAT is at 8%, while it is around 20% in most EU countries. But when you compare prices between EU countries and us, it is as if the manufacturers or the distributors were tasking the VAT difference. Usually, we are paying things about 20% more than in the US and about 10% more than in other EU countries. EU countries are also paying more than in the US. Same for Australia from what I've read on this forum and same for cameras in Japan too, it seems.

In the particular case of DXO, they are asking 99€ from EU customers and say the VAT is included in that amount (in the EU prices have always to be announced VAT included, unlike in the US). But they have no right to charge a VAT to Swiss customers, at least not a VAT that would be higher than 8%. So in the invoice I have received they charge me 99€ and say this is the price without VAT. So they are clearly tasking the VAT difference.

For softwares, only C1 Pro is fair, charging the right amount of VAT and not trying to have some customers of some countries to pay more.

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