70-200 f4/IS .... indoor sports....5D mark 3 ????

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Re: 70-200 f4/IS .... indoor sports....5D mark 3 ????

dkline wrote:

Does anyone use the 70-200 f4/IS for indoor sports with 5D mark 3? I realize that the best bet here would be the 70-200 f2.8/IS or maybe the 135L 200L or 85(f1.8), but because of the high iso capabilities of the mark 3 along with it's outstanding auto focus I was wondering if the 70-200 f4/IS might substitute? I would prefer the zoom over the primes, trying to avoid the weight and expense of the 2.8/IS. I shoot indoor wrestling, sometimes the light is good other times not, sometimes shots are taken from mat side to further back in the gym. Sorry if there has already been a discussion about this.



Back when the 30D was the prosumer king, people asked if the 70-200/4 was fast enough and the answer was, "No get the 2.8."

By the time the 7D came out with at least one stop better ISO performance, the question was again asked and still the same, "No get the 2.8."

Now we have the 5D3 with at least one stop better ISO than the 7D and people are here again asking the question and the majority of the people here are again saying, "No get the 2.8".

Now granted the lens that is going to allow you to shoot at ISO 100 or 200 is going to be the best option. Unfortunately the 70-200/.7 doesn't exist and if it did, it would require a turret mount on top of an armored personnel carrier. At what point do we say, I like the weight of the f4 version and the ISO of the latest and greatest camera is good enough?

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