Just got my 10-22. Tips please

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Re: Just got my 10-22. Tips please

At first: shoot absolutely everything, and see how the results turn out. You will quickly notice some of the things people have mentioned - wide perspectives not being flattering for humans, converging verticals, etc, and give yourself an idea of when they are best avoided, or indeed used for effect.

My biggest tip would be to watch the horizon, watch the camera position, and watch the corners.

Levelling the horizon becomes critical, as with such a wide perspective even a slightly squint horizon can throw out the image notably by the time you get to the edges of the frame. With such a wide perspective shooting into objects with depth (such as large rooms) or height (such as tall buildings) you will notice lines converging very notably, so the point that the cameras position can become critical to lining everything up - use a large doorway as a frame shooting into a big room such as a church and even moving the camera by a number of inches will have an effect as to whether the background lines up nicely or ends up slightly squint. Lastly, and again caused by the wide perspective the very corners of the image will start to 'stretch', which will look fairly natural with simple shapes such as bricks or other plain objects, but with people especially will distort and look quite horribly wrong, so pay attention when shooting and if necessary adjust the framing to suit, or to move the distorting areas closer towards the centre where they will even out.

After you have tried all of this, and all the other suggestions in the thread, purposely ignore them all, break every rule possible and see what sort of results you get. What works for me may very well be the complete opposite for you or anyone else, so experiment lots and decide for yourself. There is no wrong answer in art

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