larger DOF on 16-50 on nex6

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Re: Or then - they just only produce different like background blur!

ok I guess I should have just listed my test conditions


center AF

muti metering

Aperture - F8

Focal length - 30mm

on tripod at the same distance to the logs for all 3 lenses

2 sec shutter timer

hybrid AF on

so now for those that say my focus was off... it's set to center AF during all 3 shots no manual intervention so I had no control over that, I have done these test shots at 18,24,50 comparing the 1650 to 1855 wide open and at F8, in very single shot the 1650 was not as sharp as the every single one of them out of focus on 1650? take a look at my other thread for comparison shots

it could be the lens I have...anyways if someone else have both 1855 and 1650 please test it and share your results.

back focusing could be the cause since I have seen other threads complaining about it on the nex-6

but I'm curious as to how it could have backfocused, the area shown with the logs is way offcenter, if anyone looked at the full size pictures you can clearly see that the center of the frame is entirely covered by logs, when I took the shot the green AF square only included the front logs, no where near that portion I used for comparison.  anyways if you look at the full size picture from 1650 it does not look out of focus, in fact if you don't compare it up against the sigma and the 1855 you can't tell the center is not as sharp

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