In defense of the EOS M(onster) for PRO-shooters

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Re: In defense of the EOS M(onster) for PRO-shooters

PC Wheeler wrote:

Aside from performance issues I'm not looking at the EOS M for two reasons:

  • I don't like touch screens (I've tried them and find that I touch them unintentionally far too often)
  • Eye-level viewfinders -- built in, not tacked on as with some of the Oly m4/3 bodies -- are my shooting preference. Even my old SD300 and SD700IS have OVFs (and the former is a tiny camera).

I have but no longer use (much) a Panasonic GH2 m4/3: Great EVF, or at least an adequate one. If I go back into the mirrorless world seriously again, it will be with a Sony NEX-7 (great EVF and fine IQ and colors).

In the meantime I'm happy with my G15 and my two Canon DSLRs (7D and 60Da).

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The touch screen is very sensitive too me..I think it's adjustable but after putting a glass protector screen on top...well it's perfect now.

version 2 is rumored to have aVLF... I'll get that too once it comes out... But I find the EOSM in its current form pretty useful. Blows away my s90 and a lot smaller lighter then my 1dX.

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