Just playing: RX100 portrait at ISO6400

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Re: All settings zeroed

Docno wrote:

Jeweller wrote:

ImagesInstyle wrote:

please show us the orginal without processing at 6400

Yes please show the original full size with zero processing.

Did you see the post above yours? That just has default RAW processing in ACR (which is always done, just as the camera does processing if you're shooting jpegs). Below is with all ACR settings at zero, which will make a RAW image worse than an in-camera jpeg ... when you load a RAW into your converter it won't even look this way because of the starting defaults you would use.

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Yes I saw the post above. I thought the full size photo from this camera was 5472 x 3648. Am I missing something? The photo in the link is 1880 x 1253. Did the full size not upload? It's nice and sharp just the same. I was thinking about buying one of these cameras so that's why I wanted to see a full size shot straight from the camera with zero processing. I mean no processing at all.  Any photo will look a lot better sized down but I'm sure you know this.

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