Flash triggers needed with D700 and Calumet travelites?

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Re: Really? I doubt it

BAK wrote:

Re>While I know that the commander mode on the D700 will fire the flashes,<

Probably not.

Actually it will.  I've tested it,  The strobes have a sensor that's triggered by light.

Why would Nikon's fully automatic system work on another company's fully manual system?

Look in the cartons for a sync cord.

Look on your camera for a sync socket. (try inside a little rubber door)

I have a sync socket.  I just thought wireless would be less of a hassle

If no socket, buy a Nikon AS-15 hot shoe PC sync cord socket.

Plug the cord you'll probably find in the box into your main flash, and into the camera / AS-15

Light from the first flash will set off the other two.

You need a flash meter. Sekonic 308 is fine for a beginner. A Sekonic L-358 is more advanced, but probably understandable.

Chinese electronics is frequently junk.

That's generally what I think too, but the Yongnuo RF-603 get good reviews.


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