Recommendations for an m4/3 setup for my mom

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Re: Recommendations for an m4/3 setup for my mom

S. Miller wrote:

induna wrote:

I would go for the FZ-200. It's the complete package in your price-range. From what I can tell so far, the zoom is fully usable to 600mm. The EVF is very nice and it has all the features that most anyone could want, except for manual zoom and an eye sensor for the EVF.

Thanks Induna,

Do you have the FZ200? I worry that at her age, the camera will shake too much when she's zoomed out to 300-600 effective FL. Not sure though. If you have the camera, how have you found the IS? Re: the eye sensor for the EVF, I believe the G3 also lacks this, so that won't push me away from the FZ200.


I bought one for my wife as a replacement for a Canon DSLR and lenses which had simply become too heavy and bulky for her. She likes it very much. We went to the zoo last week and she took quite a few shots at high zoom under less than ideal light, and the IS seemed to work very well. Many of the reviews also indicate that it is very effective. I was pretty impressed with some of the pictures she took on her first time out with the camera. The fact that she could pick her zoom level without worrying about a shrinking aperture was a real revelation for her. And although you didn't mention this, the video capabilities of the FZ-200 are pretty amazing as well, if your mother ever decided to play around with video.

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