Recently upgraded from D5100 to D600, I have a few questions...

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Re: Recently upgraded from D5100 to D600, I have a few questions...

Ravemirror wrote:

Hello all,

Recently I took advantage of the deal that was offered for the D600 and purchased one immediately with what I had made from selling off my previous gear including my old D5100. Now that I have the D600 in my hands I realized that it was an entirely different camera from what I was comfortable with before with my D5100.

With that said, their are a few things that I'm having a bit of difficulty with so I have a few questions pertaining to that, and then would like some advice/tips regarding particular things.

First off, the light meter. I felt like I had a better command of the light meter before with the D5100, I would have assumed that the same fundamentals would have carried on over to the D600. When I'm taking pictures I'm noticing that my shots are severely underexposed, even if I compensate the light meter hardly moves to where I want it to. what am I doing wrong? Or is this something that will take more time with.

The view finder, I've noticed that the view finder is darker than my D5100. If anything I would compare it to my Nikon FM, meaning, it's somewhat dark. Is this something that is specific to Full Frame? I'm sorry if this is a silly question.

Through taking a photography class last quarter I realized that I enjoy more Urban photography more so than anything else. So, what should I use for my U1 and U2 presets, any tips here would help. Like I said, I am fairly new to the world of photography. Furthermore I realized I really enjoy using my 50mm so I held onto that from my old gear and plan on using it primarily. I try to shoot in Manual only, of course their are instances in which I may use other modes. Though I never use automatic unless I want to cheat and use the settings that the camera chooses and go from there.

I really want to hit the streets and start shooting, since it's more of a hobby if anything to me. I just need a bit of a push.

Thanks for reading, I hope I made sense lol.

Some shots I took with the D5100 in the past.

Are you using AUTO-ISO? If so, then you may be slowing the shutter speeds, but your camera would first reduce the ISO until it goes to the minimum setting, thus you wont see a change in the light meter. Also, could it be that you are shooting in the P or auto mode? There are 2 dials on the top left controller--one for the modes and one for the shooting style (AF-C, AF-S, etc). Another possibility is that perhaps you've set the camera to shoot in HDR...which would cause under and over exposure shots. I shoot in M Mode all the time and the light meter adjusts just fine with my probably just need to play with the controls on the D600 a little more to get used to it.

Why not post a picture or two of the D600 underexposing (include the exif)?

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