Credibility of business review sites (e.g.

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Jimmy K.
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Re: Suggestion what you can do (e.g.

I still use Yelp, because there is no other good alternatives. But got to take the reviews with a grain of salt. If I look back at my own reviews, 75% of them are filtered. Yelp proprietary algorithm flagged my reviews. Yeah, really. I posted 20+ reviews, in different categories. So how do my reviews get tagged as possible business owner or competitor reviews.

Actually, before I read any reviews, I look at the filtered ones 1st. These seem to be the ones where customers had issues.

5 years ago, there were several news reports with ethics complaints against Yelp in SF Bay Area, where Yelp is headquartered. I have not heard of anything recently. But Yelp's filter algorithm is still as inaccurate as ever.

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