larger DOF on 16-50 on nex6

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Re: larger DOF on 16-50 on nex6

dumokun80 wrote:

please read my post more clearly

the 100% comparison is not the corner and I didn't say the center was out of focus just not as sharp as the 1855 and 30mm just go look at the originals

I read exactly what you wrote.

the fact is that all 3 of those lenses are supposed to be very sharp in the center at 30mm ( middle of zoom range) F -EIGHT (Very forgiving with fairly deep DOF)

So if you perceive the 16-50 to be less sharp in the center it means you have bad focus.

And if you perceive the 16-50 to be less sharp in the center, yet magically sharper in the corners, its bizarre to jump to the conclusion that its DOF is somehow just abnormally large ( a nonsensical conclusion on its face ).

A far more sensible conclusion is that your focus is simply off.

And really, at f8, the DOF is large at 30mm. At f8, its easy to have two pictures with different focus points looking "similar".

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