Murders in Australia actually are down to record lows after gun control

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Re: Murders in Australia actually are down to record lows after gun control

Rriley wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

that data is published here
Australia's 1996 gun law reforms: faster falls in firearm deaths, firearm suicides, and a decade without mass shootings

there is a claim referenced
ref 26

'26. Kreisfeld R. Indications of misclassification of causes of death. Personal communication (email to Chapman S). Adelaide: National Injury Surveillance Unit (NISU), 2006.'

[CleanURL]South Australia’s Firearms Safety Program for Unsupervised Shooters; ten-years of steady progress. [CleanURL] pdf

they note that some classified unintentional firearms deaths were misappropriated 'intentional'

You forgot to add the full sentences, and this changed their meaning..

"Although ABS mortality data were also available for 2004, the National Injury Surveillance Unit warned of significant questions of accuracy due to the number of coroners' cases not closed at the time, and potential miscoding of suicide, homicide and unintentional firearm‐related death in that year.26 Accordingly, this study ends with 2003, the most recent year of reliable data."


They were NOT saying the totality of the graphs was wrong - just the data for 2004.

The data and graphs before that date are valid.

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