Very BASIC help. Don't laugh.

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Re: Very BASIC help. Don't laugh.

The good news is that you are shooting RAW - you cannot harm your original.  No matter what you use, so long as you hold on to that RAW file, you can go back to square one.  Even if you work on it twenty times in twenty different ways, it is possible to revert to the original without any loss of quality.

I'll use Photoshop Elements as an example.  When you open one of your RAW files in this program, Camera Raw will open first.  This is the RAW converter for Photoshop Elements (which cannot open a RAW file directly).  You can adjust anything and everything available to you here, if you want to.  Somewhere on the interface (most likely at the bottom of the screen in blue lettering) is a link or drop-down list that lets you choose the parameters for the output if and when you want to take the image further into Elements itself.  You will have the choice of size and resolution here and may have color space and file format options, too (I actually use Lightroom).  When you click the OK or Open button (whichever it is), the image will proceed into Elements and become a pixel-based file (saved as a PSD, TIF or JPEG).  The changes you've made to the RAW file in Camera Raw will now be "baked into" the image file - but the original RAW file is undamaged and unchanged.

It's a bit to wrap your head around this, but it's a major reason to shoot RAW.


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