Olympus E-PM1 good place to start?

Started Dec 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
induna Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: Olympus E-PM1 good place to start?

toomanycanons wrote:

Not a nooby to photographer but can't shake the idea of getting a m4/3 camera just to try one out. I shoot with Nikon DSLRs and a P7100 so you'd think I have it covered but CAM (Camera Acquisition Madness) is hard to shake.

Is an E-PM1 a good place to start? I can get the body only for $170 which seems like a steal.

The Panasonic G3 body is available from Amazon for $249. This is probably a better platform for exploring the capabilities of MFT, unless size is your primary consideration.

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