2.8 vs 4.0 lenses

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Re: 2.8 vs 4.0 lenses at f8: probably undetectable differences optically

Rikkiruhe wrote:

Canon makes a 24-70 lens in a 2.8 or 4.0 fstop with the 2.8 more costly. ? If I only shoot at f8.0 , with all other settings the same, will the quality of the shot be the same? Or is the 2.8 a much better build?



I'd expect to see no difference optically comparing both lenses at f8.  All other characteristics differences would be due to the maximum aperture and designers choices or restraints.

The 2.8 would likely focus faster assuming the body focuses wide open then stops down to f8 for the exposure;

probably significantly larger and heavier;

maybe better weather sealing;

more robust construction

more expensive as you noted.

The 2.8 would allow faster shutter speeds at comparable ISOs

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