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 iharley wrote:

First, I'm curious if your phone does true HDR which is taking at least 3 exposures then layering them and blending them, or if it takes 1 shot then just applies a filter. Your G5 looks to be actually taking 3 shots and trying to layer them. For true HDR you really need a tripod so there isn't that ghosting effect. I do HDR with my G3, though I just use the Auto Bracket feature then process in Photomatix Pro, which can do a great job of aligning handheld shots. I think my G3 has an HDR filter, but it doesn't do nearly as good a job as taking 3 or more shots then processing them. Try using a tripod to steady the shots and see what happens.

I tried myself HDR post processing myself too wth G1 exposure bracketing, even handheld, I tried HDr with my HTC phone, I tried it with canon 650D, and and with the G5. And Clearly the One X, the 650D and the G5 makes 3 images and then post process it, (the One X makes the processing really fast, max 3 seconds) and the only cam it wont't work as it should is the G5.

Here is another example of One X HDR:

I would like to see at least this on the G5.

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