Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: NEX7 flop ....

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What is really suprising is Sony doing so poorly. u 4/3 has half the market and Sony less than 20%!?

Sony's brand name is huge in Japan, bigger than Nikon.

At less than 20% market penetration, I think the Sony brass may pull the plug on NEX.

I guess the Memory Stick and Betamax wont be so lonely anymore.


No wonder Sony is in so much trouble. Pulling the plug on NEX is no big loss if Sony technology continues to be put in Olympus cameras, e.g. focus peaking, or a SLT version of 43 camera, high res LCDs, sweep panorama ... .

That might be exaclty what the Sony brass is thinking.

I smelled blood when it was confirmed that Sony was selling sensors to Oly.

Sony has never been shy about abandoning technology, or their customers!


I read in an industry article back in April that Sony was planning to slowly shift focus to making sensors and selling them to other camera makers while expending less effort on building finished models, itself. Sony seems to be very good at making the sensors - much better than they are at taking over market share with their finished consumer cameras.


I think Sony will dump their P&S cameras. The NEX-7 has done well for a high-margin camera,

No it hasn't.

It was supposed to be the u 4/3 killer.

The OM-d outsells it with an inferior sensor.

What evidence do you have that the OM-D outsells the NEX-7?

The NEX 7 is a flop.

The NEX 6 is the proof.


look at the chart.

The OM-d was only recently introduced.

NEX 7 was available during the entire measurement period.

Also, check out the best seller list.

NEX 7 is a dud.


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