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Re: Some interesting numbers

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Chris--I agree with you that we will never know. It is purely a hypothetical argument and not a lot of value given the current situation of people such as Colin.

I would also note that the E-620 crowd with their standard grade lenses have been left high and dry. The difference as we have seen is value of the stranded costs. People with a standard kit of e-620 and the 14-42 and 40-150mm are not so heavily invested. Others, such as Colin and Richard who does the weekly bird are pretty heavily invested.

Also, geography has a lot to do with this--for example see Colin's comments on the resale value and the cost of a new system in South Africa. The economics are a little more friendly in the US. The Sony example is doable provided one could get about 25 cents on the dollar for the used Olympus equipment. This would not be cheap, but not prohibitively expensive as in Colin's case. The good news is that the gear we have still works and is built to last for some time to come.

In terms of the comments from the Oly guy in Spain, I sometimes wonder if the Olympus doesn't send out some trial balloons to test the reaction to certain ideas, such as the hybrid, and keep current users from jumping until they come out with the next model. I think it is fair to say that once an Olympus user jumps to canikon or sony, they won't be back for a long, long time.

Best to you and your family in 2013.

Howzit Craig.

I think you are correct with the trial balloon theory as only Olympus could dream up gig like that. The thing that worries a lot of us is whether by all this stalling and movements to other systems that we existing 4/3 users are just becoming collateral damage. A lot of the users that are left here are either very heavily spent into 4/3 or could be on the other side of the scale who have scrimped and saved to purchase there 4/3 equipment they have  entry level equipment. An example would be someone with E-5xx/6xx / kit lenses / 70-300 / 50mm / 14-54 or 9-18 / FL36R  . These users thought they had all their bases covered. Olympus says they should switch to m4/3 .

I mentioned these lenses as they will work in a ( sort of ) on m4/3. But now comes the killer . They would want a camera that equals their DSLR and the only one out there is the OMD. A lot of these users do not have the $1500 it would cost to give them the same type of handling of a DSLR . These users are left high and dry and also have the felling that they have been shafted by Olympus. These users are probably abandoning Olympus and getting I.E Nikon D5X00 2/3 lens specials or the Canon ones. I would if I was in that position.( Hell I nearly did in any case)

The figures released in a post on this thread are interesting . Mirror less is showing and Increase but not as big as every one makes out. Remember there will be a equalization of users with some moving to the smaller cameras. But I believe that will slow over the next few years when users find there niche . The 2 big players listen to what their users want and at the moment it DSLR' S . They also have massive ranges of lenses and accessories they have to protect.

If one takes the movement of users from 4/3 to m4/3 how many users moved over due to the smaller format due to the want of a smaller camera or they moved as they though 4/3 was a dead end and Olympus was in trouble. m4/3 also gives the security of 2 vendors. I could be wrong but I believe that a lot of the converters moved because of the fear where 4/3 was going and not necessary for a smaller lighter camera or the format for that matter. So yes Mirror less is becoming popular but not as popular as on the Olympus , Panasonic and Sony forums for obvious reasons. Mirrors less in South Africa and some other countries sucks and I mean all brands. The countries where it does well is in the gadget orientated countries. Gadgets often have a short life cycle . But tools now that's a different story

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