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Re: No, the 'crying' is justified

AZBlue wrote:

Perhaps you can help clarify something. Why on earth would someone need to clone out all the spots in 50-60 images? This would imply that the photographer in question has no ability to differentiate between the handful of keepers and the vast majority of throw-aways.

Were you alive when we shot everything on film and then had our images drum scanned? If so, did you forget that we had the same issue back then? Except back then, the dust spots came from the scanner itself, or a spec of dust sitting on the negative or slide. This is not a new issue, it's just that the spot is coming from a different source.

Anyone who uses DSLRs should be adept at sensor cleaning as well as spotting in post-production. And if you have to spot all 50-60 photos that you took today, you are not really a photographer anyway.

Picking holes in my analogy then coming out with the classic "You're not a real photographer" is unhelpful at best, but more likely you're trolling.

Here's another analogy for you:  you shoot a wedding twice a month, and you shoot 1000 pictures per wedding.  Out of those there are up to 200 keepers for the album.  Out of those about 25 were shot at f8-f11.  Most of those shot at those apertures had many areas which were light.

So every month you have to clone out spots from around 50 pictures.

Do you prefer that analogy or is that not real enough for you?

What about the studio product photographer who regularly uses f11-f16 on a white background?  What about the landscape photographer who shoots stock photos?  What about the videographer who needs a big depth-of-field?  Do they all have to live with this problem?  A problem which by the VAST majority of accounts is massively amplified on one particular camera: the Nikon D600.

No, not real enough?  Wow, you must be a very REAL photographer.

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