SAL35F18 for photographing baby/children indoors

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Re: Correct conclusion, incorrect reasoning

Volume anamorphosis is neat, but it's also not solving the right problem. There are a bunch of mappings from the world around the camera (a sphere) to an image. Rectilinear is what most lenses do, and fish-eye is common for some ultrawides. For long focal lengths, all the mappings are approximately the same (if you take a tiny piece of a sphere, it looks like a plane, which is why city road maps don't have this problem). For very wide lenses, you start to run into issues with picking a mapping. None of them look great, but VA lets you switch mappings to a more natural looking one. It's a useful tool if you're e.g. using an 11mm lens, but at 35mm lens on APS, you have less than a 45 degree angle of view, and it doesn't matter too much.

This still does nothing for perspective distortion. Perspective distortion is a even more fundamental. If you're shooting 2 inches from someone's nose, the those will be 2" from the camera, the ear will be 8". Therefore, the ear will be 1/4th scale relative to the nose. I am unaware of any tools which will help with that, aside from manually severely tweaking the image in Photoshop.

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