Why does opening CS6 cause my display colours to change

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Re: Why does opening CS6 cause my display colours to change

Hi there.  I'm guessing you're using Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8.x) on your MBP.  If this is the case, your problem sounds very much like a graphics card switching problem reintroduced by Apple with Mountain Lion.  It's caused by programs that use intense graphical activity switching the from the onboard Intel graphics to the MBP discrete graphics card.  Closing the offending program switches off the discrete graphics card and switches back to the Intel graphics, so changing the screen colour back to normal.

This is a known problem and has been reported to Apple a grazillion times, but it's taking a while to fix (I think it took four attempts on Lion).  The workaround is to disable Automatic graphics switching in Energy Saver as shown below.  It means that your discrete graphics card is operating all the time which uses more battery power, but it does get over the colour shift issue until Apple see fit to fix the problem.

Hope that helps...


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