Keep or Sell 24-105 f4 for 24-70 f4

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Re: Keep or Sell 24-105 f4 for 24-70 f4

technic wrote:

jitteringjr wrote:

I read through all the posts and didn't see anyone mentioning the one known benefit of the 24-70 IS: the .7 macro mode. This be a normal zoom and macro lens for a lot of needs. Sure not true 1:1 but .7 is good for a lot of macro work.

remains to be seen how useful the lens is for 'macro'. My 15-85IS can do closeups too, but the quality is so bad IMHO (field curvature, very soft corners etc.) that I never use it. And 70mm is not a very convenient macro fl on such a system, I guess it is mostly useful for tabletop shots etc. (assuming the image quality is good enough) where one can control lighting, and less so for outside 'walkaround' macro shots.

Your 15-85 is only capable of .21 macro where this new 24-70/4 is .7. That's a pretty big difference.  Also keep in mind that Sigma has been selling a full frame 70mm macro lens for some time.

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