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No, the 'crying' is justified

Richard3 wrote:

People go out use ur cameras enjoy them when they break take them in for service get them cleaned u have invested the money to use the gear not to look at it and complain day after day .

This is just stupid.  So people go out and take their f11 macros of a honeybee, with a beautiful white flower in the background, then get home to find dozens of spots in each of their images.  It takes ages to clone out all the spots, as we're talking about 50 or 60 images here.  They then clean the sensor with a blower, but there's not much improvement.  They then wet-clean the sensor.  Now it's better.

Then next month the same thing happens again.  The poor guy doesn't remember his previous cameras being this bad with sensor-spots.  So again a few hours spent getting everything just right.

But hey ho, better not complain and just carry on taking pictures, no?  Or let Nikon have it once a month to sensor-clean.  You'll only be without your camera a few days every month, so no biggie...right?

I feel moved to repeat what I said in an earlier post about some people belittling this problem's importance:

dholl wrote:

How can you say that? The entire world is mass-complaining about this problem. I've browsed:

- dpreview

- fredmiranda

- nikonians


- photocamel

- planet nikon

- nikonfotografie

and other nikon-related fora in german & english. I've also browsed user reviews for the D600 from, and The dominent issue is D600 dust. All feedback as to this problem has been measured and fair.

The D600 does indeed have REAL quality problems relating to the internal dispersal of debris on to the sensor after every mirror slap. Lensrentals, DPR's review and that well-known timelapse video have also confirmed it. MediaMarkt have confirmed it to me while I was in-store.

Denying this problem is just weird. What are your reasons for it?

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