Sony A57 OR Nikon D5100?

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Re: Great News!

I was (still am...not bought yet) in a similar position but at the end of the day, I narrowed down the list of manufacturers for a DSLR to Canon and Nikon. The reason being, these manufacturers have been making cameras for a long time, and aren't going anywhere soon, or about to 'change tack' and go off on a new technology.

Also regarding the Sony translucent mirror: I shoot in low light situations. There seems to be an inherent wrongness in putting something in between the lens and the sensor, which only allows a percentage of that light through. I know it gives advantages on live preview, video, different types of focusing, etc but I'll stick with the established technology just for now.

I'll probably also be buying a D5100 soon too, its just a question of money etc...

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