why no dpreview on the D4?

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Top of the range cameras must be reviewed

I can't believe there are some of you who think the premier camera-review site shouldn't review the premier cameras...it beggars belief!

The reviews here are genuinely the best, and are referred to many years after release.  The premier cameras are of paramount interest to anyone who is passionate about camera technology.  They show us how far the tech can go.  They're not even priced that extortionately (one of the reasons why the Leica S2 never got reviewed).  Premier cameras we really like the look of, but lack the money for, we can get a few years later when it's a quarter of the price.

Like the Nikon D3.  I've always wanted this camera ever since reading the review 5 years ago.  Now it's within my financial reach, I might just get it at some point, and I've still got the full review to give me a refresher.

Even the original full-frame monster from 2002: 1DS, has a full-review and is still capable of superlative images (and quite unique-looking as it was a CMOS sensor back then).  If you see one on Fleabay for only a few hundred Euros, you've got the best reference on the web right here to check if you should buy it.

If DPR never get round to reviewing the two premier cameras on the market, then this site will have confirmed that post-Askey, post-Amazon, it has changed direction.  We already see it in the spec-sheets of the reviews nowadays, they're just not as detailed as the spec-sheets of old.

So instead of appealing to camera gearheads, the site may prefer to appeal to camera consumers.  This explains the Connect site.

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