Too many (fixable) SW issues to commit to Fuji XE1 at the moment...

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Re: Too many (fixable) SW issues to commit to Fuji XE1 at the moment...

Sulis2 wrote:

All systems are compromises, but - compared to the EM-5, say - these issues are more than I feel comfortable with at the moment. I will accept a small drop in IQ and DoF for the chance to get more shots than I otherwise would - usability is more important to me.

Hard to take your rant seriously when everyone one of the 3 areas you criticised the Fuji for apply to the EM5. I owned the E420, E3, EP-2 and EM5 none of those cameras allow the user to set the minimum shutter speed in auto ISO, neither of the m4/3 cameras provide an EVF impression of the exposure that is accurate compared to what you will see after PP on the computer. Changing AF options or bracketing on the OMD completely did my head in, I can see why they say it is not a pro body, the things which were easy on the E3 are a nightmare of menu diving on that camera. There are loads of posts on the forums for example on how to do basic things like change the size of the AF box, a task that you don't even need to read the manual for on Fuji bodies.

0/10 for the technical merit of your rant.

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