Landscape shooters - how to get near and far in focus. Question about DOF and diffraction

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I'm not against focus stacking but 48 shots to do your photo that is very inefficient IMO.

JP Scherrer wrote:

This one required 48 shots ! I used Helicon Focus to do the job !

....else, use a Nikon 24mm. Tilt/Shift ! ....but I bet even that lens would not compete with stacked images !


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Your photo is exquisitely sharp for all your efforts and mine will not equal your sharpness as it is marred with the lens (TSE 24mm f3.5L II) having stacked 1.4 and 2X extenders combined with a 1D4. The effective fov is approx 87mm.

If I had a TSE/PCE lens similar to the fol you used in your photo I believe my photo would have rivaled yours easily and in 1 photo vs. 48 stacked photos.

I shoot both Nikon and Canon btw but I've no PCE lenses.

The object in my photo is cut to a similar dimensions as your folding ruler.

If I had to use focus stacking with a tse/pce lens with a similar subject matter I could more than likely get away with much fewer stacked images depending which I choose to correct with the lens first I've yet to experiment thoses possibilities.

I tried the 24mm tse and I did very well but as you can imagine the wide angle effect looks completely different than the 90mm fov. The front end of my object was just inches away from the lens vs. working distance of the 90mm setup.
 I was also at max tilt with shift also being applied.

To FS this image it wouldn't require very many IMO

I would be great to see someone with a PCE 85mm test out this subject matter.


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