why no dpreview on the D4?

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Re: Who cares?

losangeles wrote:

jjnik wrote:

losangeles wrote:

What can the F4 do that the D600 can't? Apart from twice the fps? I just saw that it's four times the price but with lower resolution. That seems pretty extreme.

If you bothered to do some actual resesearch (like read the manuals of both cameras, for one), you'd see there are far more differences than what you've higlighted. But if you didn't even spell check (F4??), then that's likely too much effort....

I am sorry for the tragic mix-up of one letter.

I'm sure there are more differences. Not trying to say the D4 isn't worth the extra money, but simply asking which aspects of it account for the difference.

Apologies if anybody feels my way of asking this question was offensive -- it was certainly not my intention to offend anybody.

The question is OK, but it is in the wrong place. This thread is about why there is no D4 review on this site.

Also, your question has already been discussed to a great entent on this forum, there are many many threads about the differences between the pro/prosumer/consumer bodies and if they are worth the price differences.

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