Buy a D600 or a D700 ?

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Re: Buy a D600 or a D700 : merci pour vos conseils !

- Lack of viewfinder blind built in -- this is BY FAR my biggest drawback of the D600, which I was not expecting. It is fairly easy to work around, but quite annoying.

I don't quite understand why...light coming in through the finder can affect metering, but there's no problem with the final image because the mirror lifts up to block the focusing screen when a picture is taken.

+ U1/U2 -- these modes alone (along with PASM being essentially a third setting bank) make the D600 worth it for my uses.

To be fair, the D700 does have something with shooting menu banks + custom menu banks that let you save settings too. It's a little more cumbersome, though, so make sure you have time to set up before a shoot.

+ Direct controls -- actually better with the D600 as I like the ISO control (including instant on/off for Auto-ISO) and the new Nikon AF mode selector on the front. I have enough customizable buttons ont he D600 for all my operating modes (spot metering, AE-L on the front buttons).

If you've never used a Nikon before, keep in mind that the ISO button is on the left side on all Nikon models. This has probably been the biggest drawback for me. If you have your left hand supporting a heavy lens, you'll have to leave shooting position to reach the ISO button.

- AF-ON button is not ideally located -- better than the D7000, but still 1 cm too far to the left for my thumb. I use AF-ON mode all the time, so this is essential.

Just to clarify, that's if you assign the AF-ON function to the AE-L/AF-L button. It's best to try the camera out in a store if you can, to make sure the handing fits you.

I really can't imagine a good reason to recommend a used D700 over the D600 at this point. For pro studio/landscape/portraiture/etc. work, I would hands-down recommend a D800E (other than for sports/action, where none of the Dx00 models are very good). Otherwise, the D600 is hard to beat.

I'll add two more points:

-The D600 offers 100% viewfinder coverage. The D700's finder isn't as good, only covering 95% of the frame.

-If you're willing to spend extra for a D700 battery grip and use AA or EN-EL4 batteries, the D700 can reach 8 fps. Without a grip, the D600 is slightly faster at 5.5 fps compared to the D700's 5 fps. If you shoot sports full time, paying a little more for a D700 + grip might be worth some consideration just for the fast framerate.

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