larger DOF on 16-50 on nex6

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Re: larger DOF on 16-50 on nex6

yes OSS was off and of course I didn't shot in full auto

I used aperture priority, so only the shutter speed is determined by the camera, i doubt one could argue that affects the DOF

also hybrid AF was enabled on the 16-50 and 18-55, sigma of course does not support it

judge for yourself

my initial complaint was that the 16-50 has poor center sharpness when compared to the 30 and 18-55

but when I moved about the edge I noticed sharper edge to edge performance vs 18-55 and also more of the background was in focus

here's the full exported jpeg, only applied lens/CAcorrection

here's a 100% corp from the top edge where you can seen the difference in background focus

Judge for yourself

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