sekonic l-478DR and PW TT5s and ST4s

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yogibear458 Junior Member • Posts: 31
sekonic l-478DR and PW TT5s and ST4s


Just got a new sekonic 478DR. Updated all firmwares to the latest versions on both the Sekonic meter (ver 6_xxx) as well as the PWs (ver 3.15 for nikon).  PW trigger is set to flash "trigger only"

It seems the sekonic or pw software isn't quite ready for prime time. e.g

1) if you turn off a zone on the meter, the zone won't fire - which is the correct behavior, however, when triggered with the PW (TT5 with no AC3 attached) , all zones would fire.  If I put an AC3 on the TT5, adjusting the dials on the AC3 won't affect the flash output which is the correct behavior. And in order to turn off a zone I would need to turn off the zone on the AC3 - not sure if this is how it's supposed to work.  I thought, one could just use a TT5 or mini with Trigger only mode and triggering from the camera would follow the settings including zone on/off set on the meter.

2) if you turn off a zone on the meter, lets say zone c, the "zone and the sliding scale" on the screen for zone c would be grey'd out which is expected.  However, if you go back to the main screen on the meter and then go back to screen where to set the power level and on/off for zones, all zones would show up as on.  But when you trigger the flashes, zone c would be off which is correct.  Just the display is incorrect but confusing for the user.

Initially I had all of issues getting everything to work, eg. firmware upgrades (sekonic firmware upgrade doesn't work on my XP PC with an AMD CPU.  I had to upgrade on a Win7 with an Intel CPU)

There have been occasional miss fires from the meter. not sure if it was due to radio interference or close proximity of the devices which I was testing.

I expected more reliable operations from what I assumed to be "professional" grade equipment.

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