EM-5 waterproofing WITHOUT that little hotshoe cap...?

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Re: As a Nikon user you would think that.

Mike_PEAT wrote:

As an Oly user I have no fear.

When the E-1 came out I knew an Oly rep who put the camera under a motel shower, and then shot an F1 race with it.

At a trade show I saw an Oly rep take an E-3 with 12-60mm and dunk it into an aquarium, and showed all was well.

Now I haven't done either with any of my weather sealed Olys, but it's nice to know that they can take that abuse!

I often use my E-1 and E-5 with 50-200 SWD uncovered in the rain, without fear — but a 1 or 2 second dunking in a shallow lake told me that the E-5 is not waterproof when immersed. Just weather-proof.

Now, it may have been that my old 14-54 that was the weak link (though the lens survived but needed cleaning.) The E-5 never recovered and needed a trip to Oly's Haupage repair facility.

They fixed it for less than $200, which was very reasonable, considering that they replaced the back half of the camera.

I recall Mark Humpage going underwater in an Icelandic hotpool with his E-5 and 12-60, in video mode. Maybe he was lucky that the camera and lens were near-new.

Your experiences may differ — but I'm now a realistic fan of Oly's weather-proofing.


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