GH3 EVF Thoughts

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Re: GH3 EVF Thoughts

amtberg wrote:

Ann Chaikin wrote:

I have been using my new camera most days and really love it. I have not had any smearing or difficulty seeing through the viewfinder. However, I have noticed one thing. The color is really different from my G5's viewfinder, especially when looking at bright lights. While we were visiting a display of Christmas lights in a cactus garden here, the purple lights looked blue in the GH3 and purple in my G5. Also the G5 viewfinder seems brighter and colors more true. So I am not in love with the viewfinder of my GH3 but do not find it hinders me from seeing what I want to take and getting good photos. I do find the GH3 has better dynamic range than the G5. I can't do any deeper analysis because I am still traveling and only have my iPad for preparing photos.

Otherwise I love having both cameras available while I tramp the desert. And I love the double Black Rapid strap. It works perfectly and makes the load seem very light while the cameras are ready to go at a moment's notice.

More when I return.

Have you tried to adjust the EVF's color/contrast in the menu settings? I found that mine was off by default but I'm happy with it now that I've set the red tint three notches to the left and blue tint one notch to the left. I've left brightness and contrast at default.

Keep in mind that the monitor controls are independent for the back monitor and EVF and will adjust whichever one is currently active.

No I haven't. Thanks. Good idea.

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